Re: Starting a new mailing list.

Jason Williams (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:45:11 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Eric Ochoa [NOL Staff] wrote:
> Who would be interested in starting a list pertaining more to the
> reflector/mpcs side of the house?
> cuseeme-admins
> mpcs-users
> ref-admins are all possible names i can think of, I would be willing to
> host the list.

I'd be interested, but I'm not sure how much traffic it would get or who
else would be interested in it. It depends on the content of it. It'd be
nice if reflector operators could come together to provide a place for
special conferences and events so linking reflectors or something would
become more commonplace. I know White Pine has their own events reflector
for broadcast events relating to White Pine, but I'd like a more general
events type of thing. Like a few months ago, two people got married on my
public reflector. It might have been nice to share that with more people,
but getting the word out about it in a timely fashion for linking refs is
pretty difficult.

I'm more worried about violating the non-disclosure agreement with White
Pine since the version of MPCS I'm using is still being beta tested. :)

It would also be nice to include the Enhanced Reflector operators :)

I'm all for it...

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