Re: a little help please?

Jason Williams (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 17:15:00 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Dr Pepper wrote:
> I've been using cu-seeme version W0.84B7 for some time now
> with win 3.1 on a 486. Just recently, I cannot use the chat
> window. I can recieve, but it won't let me type anything in
> the window. What's going on here? I'm using a B&W connectix
> camera.

I don't remember exactly how the 0.84b7 chat window worked since I haven't
touched 0.84b7 in over a year. My only guess is that you resized the
window and it shrunk the input window to where you can't see where to type
into it. Try enlarging it and then dragging the divider up so you can
type into the bottom pane.

> I'm not interested in upgradeing or getting a better
> camera. I just want to use what I have.

On a low-end 486, I'm not so sure you CAN get a better camera.
Reasons why you SHOULD upgrade from 0.84b7 and into the Win95/0.92b2
1) The Participants List is VERY buggy. If I recall, the null assertion
errors occured everytime someone went from a lurker to a sender. This
prevented you from opening anyone's vid that went from a lurker to a
2) There were major problems dealing with people sending color. This was
my #1 complaint with 0.84b7 after more people started sending color on
reflectors. The 0.84b7 client would automatically receive all vid for
color users even though they showed up as lurkers. This means if
there were a few color users on the reflector you were on (or even
just one color sender), you would receive all of their data and
consequently not have any bandwidth left for the users you really could
3) No private chat. While it's not required since you could always use
GeekPC, 0.92b2's private chat facilities make it a great client to use and
it's built-in. Some (like me) still claim that 0.92b2's private chatting
is superior to White Pine's attempt at private chatting.
4) Inability to import reflectors and phonebook entries into CU. The only
real way to import reflectors into 0.84b7 is to hack away at the
cuseeme.ini file to include reflectors in the MRU list. 0.92b2 has a nice
ability to import other phonebooks into it's list (and unlike the White
Pine 3.X version, it allows you to import rates for each reflector)
5) Speaking of rates, 0.84b7 only allows you to set global rates. 0.92b2
allows you to set your rates for each reflector.
6) 0.84b7 doesn't allow you to reject incoming calls. This means you
can't prevent DC's at all much less be notified when someone is attempting
to connect to you.

Guess that's about it....Unlike the move from Cornell 0.92b2/Enhanced
CU 2.X to Enhanced CU 3.X, you don't really lose anything in the move from
0.84b7 to 0.92b2. You get a MUCH better program that seemed to be
redesigned from 0.84b7 to eliminate a good majority of the bugs.

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