Re: Upgrading Wpine ver.2.1

Jason Williams (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 01:27:34 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, truckerx wrote:
> I am aprised of the banter about the shorcomings of ver 3.1, which now
> seems to be into it's 27th.,or so, rebuild. Question is: How can I
> upgrade my version 2.1, so I can view all users without upgrading to
> 3.1 which would also mean losing my WhiteBoard feature? Does version
> 2.1.1 or 2.1.2 have what I need, and is an upgrade available?

MJPEG was introduced in the 2.1.1 version if I recall correctly. I know
if you paid for the 2.1 version, it was a free upgrade to the 2.1.1
version (ie: the serial # didn't change). I'm not sure what version White
Pine has available but you should be able to talk to them and be able to
get the 2.1.1/2.1.2 version which has MJPEG support.

If you are the daring type that wants to experiment, check out Paradigm
Matrix's page (the makers of the version of the MJPEG codec that White
Pine uses) at with the actual codec at I'm not sure if that will work
or not, but I'd be interested to find out if it does (or if it doesn't).

Oh btw, even with the MJPEG codec, you won't be able to see H.263 vid
which only other 3.1 users can see (and other H.323 clients if you are
connected to a MeetingPoint ref)

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