Re: new version for windows 95/98
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:12:34 -0800

Jason Williams wrote:

> I think it's rather ironic that you pretty much demand the Cornell
> developers to upgrade their FREE version of CU, but don't demand the same
> from the White Pine version which costs money.


it's only a matter of understanding.
it's free i agree but the update is always essential as the world turns. if u
like to be stuck in time .... i do have the white pine and it doesn't work. i
sent several mails to them to try to solve problems that i have. But, the
cornell version as example does not work receiving colors.
BTW i'm not demanding the cornell to upgrade, i haven't sent any threatening e
mail to them, but i think that's the time to think about an upgrade. the
version does not work well with memphis, the new version of window 95 ( u can
get an preview with the microsoft, under the upgrade of explorer 4.0 - that's
why i made the mention of explorer) as if u use the active desktop the
cu-seeme just shut down....
upgrade is not a new software is an adjust for the new demand. make things
modern. Computer world gets obsolete every 6 months or less.......
but if i take your words its FREE, so does it mean that cant be good???????

Jim Powter