Re: Could someone resolve some debates/questions for me please.

Brian Godette (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 12:20:16 -0700

At 12:50 AM 3/12/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi gang:
>Debate #1: Having a high rec max rate (say 150) on a cu client actually
>down the ref. True,false, somewhere in between?

Yes and no. First thing is only about 1% of the users will be able to see
video from such a sender. Anything over 15Kbps really doesn't work well on
a reflector unless *ALL* clients that want to receive *YOUR* vid are on
something better than a modem. General rule is half the *true* receive rate
of the receiving client to get clear/fast vid across with little or no
packet loss. As for slowing down the ref, that's a misnomer, a piddly
386-16 could keep up with a T1's worth of bandwidth, the problem a
reflector faces is simply congestion (internal, ISP's connection, or
external, backbone).

>Debate #2: Setting mins to 1 on a client always boosts performance. Which
>the question, Why not just make 1 the default mins? True, False, somewhere

False, neither the client or the reflectors (any flavor) pay any *real*
attention to min settings. The client won't spontaniously create data that
isn't there (and *really* shouldn't), and the reflector can't send anything
it doesn't have.

It's quite simple to test the client. Simply set up a reflector on your
local lan, set it to self-reflect, connect a client, set the min to 128 and
the max to 256... and it'll still send < 128kbps (about 10-12kbps @ 15fps)
for a blank (all white/black) image using B&W.