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Jason Williams (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 13:52:02 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 13 Mar 1998 wrote:
> it's only a matter of understanding.
> it's free i agree but the update is always essential as the world turns. if u
> like to be stuck in time ....

Yeah, perhaps it is a question of semantics. You have to know a little
about CU-SeeMe from Cornell's aspect though. From the way I understand
it, Cornell developed CU-SeeMe for platforms that were out when they were
developing (low-end Macs by today's standards). It was also funded, in
part, by the government I believe. When Cornell was actively developing
CU-SeeMe a few years ago, the saying was "don't bother to download it now
if you don't have it, a new version will be out tomorrow". There were a
LOT of updates to it. But now, Cornell doesn't actively develop CU-SeeMe
for the masses, but instead develops it for internal use on their ATM
network at Cornell. It took quite a bit of effort to get a Win95 version
out. If you look at the past versions, 0.84b7 was released sometime in
late 1995. 0.92b2 was released in mid-1997, about 2 years later and long
after Win95 was out. If I recall, Steve Edgar was also on the CU-SeeMe
team to put out "V32X" - the 32-bit version. Any work that he now does on
it has to be on his own time since he's been moved to other projects.
This means any updates come fairly slowly. I may be completely wrong, but
I believe that's why Cornell has their licensing policy the way it is and
why White Pine was chosen to be the master licensee: so CU-SeeMe could be
further developed when the Cornell development team has moved on to other

Yes, it would be nice to have an updated version from Cornell come out to
address a few of the problems and incompatibilities. But since they are
no longer actively developing CU-SeeMe, I wouldn't hold my breath.

> i do have the white pine and it doesn't work. i
> sent several mails to them to try to solve problems that i have. But, the
> cornell version as example does not work receiving colors.

It sounds like tech support at White Pine is lacking in this particular
case then. The Cornell version will never have support for color vids
from what I understand because that was part of the deal with White Pine
(any WP employees care to comment on this..since I've never actually seen
it in print). From a practical standpoint, 90% of the people I know that
have the White Pine version wouldn't use it if the freeware Cornell
version supported color.

> BTW i'm not demanding the cornell to upgrade, i haven't sent any threatening e
> mail to them, but i think that's the time to think about an upgrade. the
> version does not work well with memphis, the new version of window 95 ( u can
> get an preview with the microsoft, under the upgrade of explorer 4.0 - that's
> why i made the mention of explorer) as if u use the active desktop the
> cu-seeme just shut down....

I guess "demanding" was a bit too harsh of a word. If I were Cornell (or
any other company), I'd hesistate to support ANY new operating system that
isn't even finalized yet. There's too many variables that can change.
Let Win98 come out and become stable ( stable as Windows can be
anyway) and develop a userbase. THEN correct programs to get it to work
with it. That's one of the problems I've seen with NT4 support for
capture cards. And from what I understand, IE4 has a LOT of problems with
other programs as well.

It would make more sense to suggest this IE4 support to the companies
which put out commercial software. They have economic reasons to do so.
Cornell, as an educational institution, has no economic reasons to keep
CU-SeeMe "up to date". From what I gather from talking to Bill Woodland,
Steve Edgar considered V32X (0.9X) to be his baby...He wanted to put out a
decent version of CU and he did quite a good job at it.

> upgrade is not a new software is an adjust for the new demand. make things
> modern. Computer world gets obsolete every 6 months or less.......

This makes sense for the software which you buy and is actively supported.
But I doubt most people go out and buy a completely new computer system
every 6 months. People do upgrade though. If you follow the analogy of
obsolescence, there would no longer be any Win3.1 or DOS software because
it is "obsolete" If Cornell was actively being developed, I could also
understand. I'd like to see it upgraded as well.

> but if i take your words its FREE, so does it mean that cant be good??????? CAN be good..if the Cornell Development Team wishes to continue
supporting CU-SeeMe for the public. My reflector scanner is quite free
and will always be free and most say it's "good".

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