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Sun, 15 Mar 1998 10:07:23 -0500

>Alternatively, if you're just dieing to blow anywhere from $5000-$20,000,
^^^^^^ dying


Actually, MPCS is around $4000 (not $5000) to over $20,000.

1) If you are an educator (not a student -- just an accredited University,
K12 School, or private school, or Govt organization), you can get a 5 user
MPCS and 5 CU clients for $995.

2) We have a BUSINESS special for trial, which is a 5 user MPCS (no
clients) for $995. This deal is subject to change, and you must call White
Pine sales at 1-603-886-9050 for details (it is not on our regular price

3) You can lease MPCS conferences for your private use from Networks Online
and Powerscourt (today) and many more places in the future. Thus, if you
don't have the resources to host your own server, you can still get the
benefit of a PRIVATE server hosted by a larger organization. It is not
only software that is required, but a server and bandwidth and management

And the URL for MeetingPoint is

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Brian's Enhanced Reflector is indeed a wonderful tool for video chat
enthusiasts, and I encourage you to use it if you are a hobbyist. There
are many reason's to choose MeetingPoint, but I won't list them here
(again) lest YAFW (yet another flame war) start.

Jason has many correct insights into the CU world, and many incorrect ones.
If you want any information about the commercial White Pine venture,
please e-mail me, or

>you can check out MeetingPoint from White Pine (
>You MAY even be able to get discounts with the Global Schoolhouse if
>you're a part of it (I recall tenet being heavily into the K-12
>educational sphere) though I'm not sure if they get discounts on the
>reflector/MPCS or just the clients.
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