some general questions

Allison C. Hawco (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 09:44:12 -0600

Hi all
I have a few general questions as I have *still* been unable to
actually connect to any reflectors on CU-SEEME. Either the message
"Unable to connect " or "The maximum number has been exceeded" comes
up. It is discouraging. However , I have had much success with MS
Netmeeting so I know my hardware is working fine...
Despite all of this, I am still interested in learning about CU and any
benefits it may offer. If anyone has any information or advice
regarding the following I would certainly appreciate it.
1) does the Cornell or WP CU versions support any of these:
file transfer/whiteboards/application sharing ?
2) Does it (or have plans to) comply to the ITU H.323 standards? In
other words, can I only communicate with CU users?

3) What is the advantage to connecting via IP rather than e-mail
address ?

I am still fairly new to videoconferencing and I am trying to determine
what's what out there!
Allison Hawco

Allison C. Hawco
Instructional Technology
University of Houston
Texas, USA