Re: some general questions

Gary Dietz (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 09:21:23 -0500

At 09:44 AM 3/17/98 -0600, Allison C. Hawco wrote:
>Hi all
>I have a few general questions as I have *still* been unable to
>actually connect to any reflectors on CU-SEEME. Either the message
>"Unable to connect " or "The maximum number has been exceeded" comes
>up. It is discouraging. However , I have had much success with MS

Maximum number of users exceeded is a function of the host of the
MeetingPoint server or reflector. There are only so many users at a time
that can connect, and that is controlled by the owner of the server.

Because NetMeeting is a "point to point, non-server hosted" solution, you
eitther "contact someone, or you don't" CU-SeeMe can work this way, or in
a server hosted group conference. If that GROUP is too big, then you don't
get in.

>From an EDU point of view, don't think of conferences as public resources.
You may want to consider trialing your own conference server, and thus
you'll NEVER be full, unless you open that MPCS server to too many people
simultaneuously, and it fills up (i.e. having a 10 user license and
allowing 12 people to connect).

>Netmeeting so I know my hardware is working fine...
>Despite all of this, I am still interested in learning about CU and any
>benefits it may offer. If anyone has any information or advice
>regarding the following I would certainly appreciate it.
>1) does the Cornell or WP CU versions support any of these:
>file transfer/whiteboards/application sharing ?

Whiteboard? Yes. App sharing? No. File transfer, ACTUALLY, yes, through
our Whiteboard -- accessible through button bar only...

>2) Does it (or have plans to) comply to the ITU H.323 standards? In
>other words, can I only communicate with CU users?

Today, through a conference held on a MeetingPoint server, yes. See

CU-SeeMe 4.0 is planned to have point to point H.323 capability.

>3) What is the advantage to connecting via IP rather than e-mail
>address ?

"Advantage" None. The ILS server, Four11 server, ICQ, AOL Instant
Messenger, etc. mess will be straightened out by the market (hint hint ILS
looks like it's winning)

>I am still fairly new to videoconferencing and I am trying to determine
>what's what out there!
>Allison Hawco

Allison, you'll also want to see an upcoming product from White Pine called
ClassPoint. It'll blow your socks off (from the POV of an Instructional
technology director). See the White Pine Web pages on March 24 for details.

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