Re: some general questions

Scott Lacroix (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 09:30:32 -0400

At 09:44 AM 3/17/98 -0600, Allison C. Hawco wrote:
>Hi all
>I have a few general questions as I have *still* been unable to
>actually connect to any reflectors on CU-SEEME. Either the message
>"Unable to connect " or "The maximum number has been exceeded" comes
>up. It is discouraging. However , I have had much success with MS
>Netmeeting so I know my hardware is working fine...

Which client software are you using? WhitePine or Cornell? Have you tried
the WhitePine General server? Use the address for
connecting. If you have troubles connecting there, let me know direct.

>Despite all of this, I am still interested in learning about CU and any
>benefits it may offer. If anyone has any information or advice
>regarding the following I would certainly appreciate it.

>1) does the Cornell or WP CU versions support any of these:
>file transfer/whiteboards/application sharing ?

WhitePine CU currently supports it's own WhitePine Board. It is not at
this time fully T.120 compatible and does not have file or application
sharing. Also, it currently only connects to other WhitePine Boards
(either directly or through a MeetingPoint Server).
As a side-note, the MeetingPoint server IS T.120 compatible and will allow
your NetMeeting client(s) to do whiteboarding and application sharing
between multiple clients through the server.

>2) Does it (or have plans to) comply to the ITU H.323 standards? In
>other words, can I only communicate with CU users?

That's actually a two part question:
1) Full H.323 compatibility is planned for a future release of WhitePine's
CU-SeeMe client. As I understand it, there is no active development for the
freeware Cornell client, so I would doubt that it will ever be there.
2) You can currently communicate with H.323 compliant clients through the
MeetingPoint server. Since MeetingPoint is H.323 compatible, and WP's
CU-SeeMe supports H.263 vid and G.723 aud, if you connect WP CU-SeeMe
clients and NetMeeting (or Intel, etc) H.323 clients to the same
conference, they will be able to see and hear each other. Whiteboard and
chat sharing are not yet supported, however.

>3) What is the advantage to connecting via IP rather than e-mail
>address ?

If the user has a dynamic IP address, then there is NO advantage. It's
actually counter-productive since they may or may not be at that address.
If you use the email address, the client will use Four11 to translate the
it to the users current IP address (if available). However, only the
WhitePine client has the Four11 user lookup capability, so with Cornell's
client you have to use either the IP address or domain-name of the remote
Or find some other was to communicate current IP addresses back and forth,
such as ICQ (, etc...

>I am still fairly new to videoconferencing and I am trying to determine
>what's what out there!

Lots and lots of stuff, actually! And each one has it's own set of
advantages, depending on EXACTLY what you need to accomplish.
Good luck!

- Scott


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