Re: Cu-SeeMe/Kids

Jason Williams (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 16:38:19 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Scott Lacroix wrote:
> Apparently you would be shocked. You should check around a bit sometime.
> I'd say at any given time you're about 50% likely to find someone under the
> age of 18 in a conference. Whether from a classroom or home... And the
> number of classrooms I see is growing, although they seem to be shifting
> over to GSN (Global Schoolhouse Network) servers rather than public servers.

I suppose I would be shocked then. I've seen quite a few people on my
public ref under the age of 18 so I can understand it. Just quite a shift
from a few years back.
I would hate to see what a classroom type of atmosphere would look like on
a public unmonitored reflector. I usually direct people over to GSN when
they ask where to go for conferencing with other K-12 students.

>From what little I know, ClassPoint (no longer LearningPoint I assume) is
designed for a private setting in a controlled enviornment for teachers
and students. This would extend the private GSN concept I would think.

> Oh, and BTW, we didn't "hire" anyone. We hired them. No implications of
> anything else, we contracted them to monitor the server. Pretty
> straightforward there, eh?

Straightforward, yes...just a new concept that I've never heard of before.
It makes a couple of people I've come across think that ALL monitors get
paid. I'm sure this idea will expand in the future.

> I think you mentioned elsewhere the AOL problem with this kind of
> monitoring.
> Basically, I don't think that approach would ever work....

Yep..that was my point as well..It wouldn't work :)

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