MPCS Pricing, Availabilty (was Reflector for PC)

Gary Dietz (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 18:01:58 -0500

At 04:13 PM 3/18/98 -0600, Jason Williams wrote:
>On Sun, 15 Mar 1998, Gary Dietz wrote:
>> Actually, MPCS is around $4000 (not $5000) to over $20,000.
>Is there a URL that breaks down the pricelist? Or is it available just on
>the phone? $400 = 10 client? $20,000 = 50 client?
>I didn't realize there were 5 client refs available..
>So there's 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 client versions?

If you are interested in actually buying, it is a toll free call for a quote.
1-800-241-PINE or (603-886-9050). European customers see for contact numbers.

For reference, the standard intranet pricing is:

5 User 10 User 25 User 50 User
MeetingPoint Commercial n/a $3,995.00 $7,995.00 $13,995.00
MeetingPoint Non-Profit $995.00 $3,195.00 $6,395.00 $11,195.00

There are also low-cost CU@School bundles of MPCS and CU 3.1 clients. Call
for details.

If you ask NICELY, and are a business user, you can get ONE 5 user package
for $995 to evaluate.

>> 1) If you are an educator (not a student -- just an accredited University,
>> K12 School, or private school, or Govt organization), you can get a 5 user
>> MPCS and 5 CU clients for $995.
>Whew..guess it's costing a lot more to develop MPCS than in the past? I
>remember a couple of years back almost getting the educational discount
>for the 50 client 2.0.1 reflector for $350 with a free upgrade to the 2.1

And in 1987 I bought a Chevy Nova (Prism) for $8700. Your point is? When
you graduate college will you get a starting salary at 1992 levels?
Markets change. Demands change. Competition changes. Deal with it. Ask
PictureTel for their upcoming H.323 server for $350.

>> 3) You can lease MPCS conferences for your private use from Networks Online
>> and Powerscourt (today) and many more places in the future.
>Or you can talk to me or a number of other reflector operators for hosting
>free reflector and MPCS conferences. :)

Yes, you can. But Jason, when you start getting 100 requests a day, will
you be paying for your T1 access? Will the "Streak Support team" start
fielding calls? Where's your support line and staff? White Pine parnters
are setting these things up. If you add some better interpersonal skills
to your vast technical knowledege, maybe you could get a GREAT job out of
school helping them set things up. I for one, would love to have you "on
our side."

>> And the URL for MeetingPoint is
>Actually, that URL bounces you to

Yes, it does. This is a problem for you? How?

>> Brian's Enhanced Reflector is indeed a wonderful tool for video chat
>> enthusiasts, and I encourage you to use it if you are a hobbyist. There
>> are many reason's to choose MeetingPoint, but I won't list them here
>> (again) lest YAFW (yet another flame war) start.
>From what I know, the Enhanced Reflector was designed to correct the bugs
>in the White Pine clients and to provide an alternative to the now costly
>White Pine reflector/MPCS.

I refer you to my original statement, to which here you've added nothing
except a cut on White Pine... Notice Jason, how I said something *nice*
about Brian. And notice how you were merely critical.

"Brian's Enhanced Reflector is indeed a wonderful tool for video chat
enthusiasts, and I encourage you to use it if you are a hobbyist. There
are many reason's to choose MeetingPoint, but I won't list them here
(again) lest YAFW (yet another flame war) start."

Jason, I suggest Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People."
I'll give you a copy if you want. Its a great read.

>The reasons to choose MeetingPoint usually involve the commercial users
>that are using CU for a lot more than casual use.

Okay, maybe. And your point? I've already granted that hobbyists should
consider Brian's work... What more do you want from WP? Should we close
shop because you don't approve?

>You also have to keep
>in mind that not everyone runs NT.

Yes and your point? MPCS Solaris is in beta.

>Right now, Brian's Enhanced Reflector
>is the ONLY solution available to those not on NT (since you can't
>purchase the WP 2.1 reflector from what I gather).

Well your gatherings would be WRONG. Based on input from THIS LIST we will
sell Unix flavors of Reflector 2.1 to people who phone in on a "case by
case" basis. So, my friend, not only did White Pine listen to this list,
we reacted. Oh? I didn't send you a telegram? Maybe if you were NICE I'd
let you know of the good news as it happens. Or, maybe you just want to
bitch and moan, but when we doing something you "say you want," silence...
How about an "attaboy" for listening?

>MPCS is a nice product
>from what I've seen and does indeed do a lot that other commercial users
>could really take advantage of. MPCS is following the same path the
>WP client is following.

And this is what path exactly? And this is bad? Jason I assume you will
be taking a job at a monastery when you graduate and taking a vow of poverty?

>I agree...My vision can be quite slanted due to my history in the CU world
>and where I've seen it develop. I can honestly say I haven't kept up with
>what's being used in the commercial industry (on LANS, people with spare
>T1s, etc.) I just share my viewpoints as I see them :) And from the
>email I've gotten in the past, I'm not COMPLETELY wrong :)

Never ever said you were completely wrong. We even get some useful input
from you when we can separate your wisdom (some) from the vitriol (a lot).

>Oh..and please forgive any typos in this msg..I'm currently having a blast
>in Las Vegas so I don't have access to my normal system :)

And you are using freeware slot machines? I hear they are better. ;-)

Warm Regards, really,

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