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Scott Lacroix (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 20:52:07 -0400

At 04:38 PM 3/18/98 -0600, Jason Williams wrote:
>I suppose I would be shocked then. I've seen quite a few people on my
>public ref under the age of 18 so I can understand it. Just quite a shift
>from a few years back.

Times change... Things change.

>I would hate to see what a classroom type of atmosphere would look like on
>a public unmonitored reflector. I usually direct people over to GSN when
>they ask where to go for conferencing with other K-12 students.

So would I. That's why we have those nifty monitors 24/7 now-a-days. :)

>From what little I know, ClassPoint (no longer LearningPoint I assume) is
>designed for a private setting in a controlled enviornment for teachers
>and students. This would extend the private GSN concept I would think.

Actually, I don't think the "LearningPoint" name was ever released
officially, outside of WhitePine and it's Beta Testers... But thanks for
mentioning it.
But you're pretty much right. And yes, that's one of the things it's
supposed to do.

>> Oh, and BTW, we didn't "hire" anyone. We hired them. No implications of
>> anything else, we contracted them to monitor the server. Pretty
>> straightforward there, eh?
>Straightforward, yes...just a new concept that I've never heard of before.
>It makes a couple of people I've come across think that ALL monitors get
>paid. I'm sure this idea will expand in the future.

And I used to work for a local Orchestra in my free time... 90% of the
people who work there are not paid. That made people think that *I* was not
paid... They were wrong. I told them that. They said "Oh". No problem.
And I agree, it will definately expand. Things do that over time.

>> Basically, I don't think that approach would ever work....
>Yep..that was my point as well..It wouldn't work :)

Wonders WILL never cease, we're in agreement!!! :')

- Scott


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