The ClassPoint Announcement (3/24/98)

Gary Dietz (
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 05:10:27 -0500


Because of your dedication to the CU-SeeMe community, I'd like to give a
small pre-announce of an upcoming CU-SeeMe-related product announcement.
Next Tuesday (March 24, 1998) there will be a public announcement and a web
page with more details on the latest in CU-SeeMe and MeetingPoint
implementations, ClassPoint.

- Have you ever wanted to control "who had the floor" (the ability to send
video and audio to all)? Have you ever wanted a formal way for students to
ask the instructor questions, or for the instructor to publicly "call on" a

- Have you ever wanted to use the web for firmly controlling the video
codecs, available video layout, audio codecs that student's must use?

- Have you ever wanted an instructor to be able to deliver web-based
materials to students by remotely controlling the URL of their browser,
while simultaneously narrating with audio and video?

- Have you ever wanted a web-based class scheduling and registration tool
for your multi-point video classes?

- Have you ever wanted to supply usernames and passwords to individual
students in a video class and allow those students enter the class, and view
pre-and post class materials for that class from a web-based entry point?

- Have you ever wanted to send your students interactive multiple choice
quizzes during a multi-point conference, and track the results in a file?

- Have you ever wanted to CONTROL the ability for a student to text chat
*only* to the instructor, to the whole class, or privately to other students?

- Have you ever wanted to have COMPLETE control over the public reflector
and MPCS sites that your students are capable of connecting to?

- Have you ever wanted to give a student "detention" in a class for misbehaving?

If your answers to these questions are yes (or even maybe), you'll want to
keep an eye out for the ClassPoint announcement next week. More product
details on the web are forthcoming at that point.

Thanks to the entire CU-SeeMe community for their input to this list and
directly to White Pine. That input is what made this new product possible.
Good conversation and heated back-and forths are what makes innovation possible.

Warmest regards,


P.S. Yes, White Pine has plans to host a moderated, web-based ClassPoint
discussion group outside this list. However, the schedule is not firm on
that. Anyone have any suggestions for a good, commercial web-based threaded
news group tool with good moderation features?

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