Re: Appeal for calm...

Gary Dietz (
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 05:10:24 -0500


If I was out of line with my last comments to the list, I apologize. The
hours of hard work are taking their toll... I guess I've been having
flashbacks to the heady days of the late 80's USENET "discussion" threads...

Anyway, I'll try to keep my posts related to the use of CU-SeeMe technology,
implementation, and to answering people's questions. Again, I apologize if
I've offended anyone (and send regards to those who've sent me nice notes of
thanks for White Pine's participation in this community).

Take care,


>Kind and Gentle Folks:
>As a college teacher, consultant and workshop presenter, I spend a lot
>of time discussing resources for learning about CU-SeeMe, which I began
>using enthusiastically in 1994 with undergraduate ed. students and
>classroom teachers. I hesitate referencing this list these days for fear
>of turning off these folks, the very ones who'll spread the good news
>about CU.
>It would seem that all the sniping and carping does not reflect
>positively on the corporate image of White Pine nor that of the Cornell
>proponents, IMHO. Why not snipe and carp off-list? Then y'all can vent
>to your hearts' content.
>Just my $.02, but I know - I'm *well* over 40 and less tolerant of
>youthful feistiness these days... ;-)
>Cheers and thanks for the bandwidth,
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