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> CU-SEEME-L Digest 1437

> 3) white pine's mac preview version 3.1xx
> by alvena hyde <>

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> From: alvena hyde <>
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> Subject: white pine's mac preview version 3.1xx

> -those who have downloaded this preview version, how do you like it? Does it
> work as good as the cornell freeware version?

in the past ive had problems switching video input devices in white pine cu
on my 68k mac. specifically i would experience a mouse cursor freeze when i
switched from my built in video inputs to my b&w quickcam input. the good
news is that version 3.1b does not have that problem on my ppc. i can
switch between video input devices without any problems. also on the good
news front is that installing turbotv pci 2.0b board does not disable the
built in video option in white pine cu like cornell cu does. unfortunately
u cant use the rca or s-vhs video inputs on the turbotv pci board with
white pine cu and macos 8.1.

i prefer the cornell application bc i prefer cornells cu interface. both
programs provide sufficient the functionality to suit my current needs.
this may change for me when wp cu supports h.323.

white pine cu works pretty good. i liked white pine cu's digitalk (i think
it was) audio (however ive had very good luck with audio and cornell cu).

> -I'm running sys 7.5.5, but it says I need sys 7.6.1 (I think) there any
> chance it would work on 7.5.5? Anybody tried that? (This system is
>working so

id try upgrading ot/ppp with a little luck u may b able to get it to work
then. i suspect the program will run on a computer with lower hardware and
software specifications than r documented. u may just not b happy with the

> good for me, I just don't have the heart to upgrade and risk messing it up,

i had a horrible experience going from 7.5.x to 7.6.x. system 7.6.x was
never as stable as 7.5.x was for me. now that i have macos 8.1 i have a
very stable system.

> -is the upgrade to quicktime 3.x necessary, or would it run with
>quicktime 2.5?
> -what kind of problems are you having with this version...I'm on an 8500,
> would be particularly interested in any 8500 users' evaluations...

i dont think its necessary for u to use qt 3.x but im not 100% certain. i
have an 8600 and qt 3.x. i had no software problems running white pine cu.
the application crashed once but was unable to reproduce that crash. my
problems were more learning how to manipulate the applications interface.
it was quite a switch going from cuseeme lite to cuseeme enhanced.

in my opinion the advantage of white pine cu is:
(1) good audio
(2) i think it supports add or cmm (dont remember which 1) but support for
either or both is good.

i am unable to comment on the color video transmission as i didnt have
access to that many reflectors at the time and my only source of color
video is my vcr connected to my computer (camcorder got stolen as some may
recall from an earlier post of mine). i got a: this is a show ur face
reflector ( and i implied or leave or lurk, so i left) public scripted
message from some1 at both of the white pine monitored reflectors i visited
so i was not able to test my color video transmission. :-( the quality of
my color video reception from the reflector monitor at white pine was
subjectively not as good as the color video i get from using my irc program
ircle. however the trade off here may b that the irc video can b smaller
and so for the same fps can afford to have a higher quality than wp cu
video. i dont recall if wp cu supports the new qt 3 audio and video codecs.
it would b nice if it did bc a similar version and feature set of qt 3b is
now available for mac and pc. probably easier said than done but still
would b nice. :-)

in my opinion the disadvantages of white pine cu r:
(1) i did not like the applications interface layout
(2) the applications interface and options r not as user friendly as i
would like it to b. this could b bc ive become accustomed to cornell cu.
thats not to say cornell cu has user friendly options btw.

misc digressions re white pine cu:

(1) the application comes with a .dll file and a .WAV file. i suppose that
was to maintain cross platform compatibility but may not sit well with some
macintosh fans. :-)

(2) i prefer applications that dont restrict the location of my windows. wp
cu has 1 large window sort of like a web brower which includes everything.
u can double click on remote videos to open them in a separate window but
new videos still opened up in that large window for me. i would have
prefered separate windows like cornell cu has. this however results in lots
of windows and may b confusing to new users. ie, i prefer eudora mail to
netscape communicator mail bc communicators mail has everything in 1

i would have liked to b able to move the location of the remote users info
to another monitor. ie, the equivalent of moving the participants window
and audio window to my television screen (i use my television as a 2nd
monitor). the chat window is also in the same large window with the remote
video and the remote users information. for me this meant i could not fine
tune the size and location of the text chat window (i use drag and drop a

in all honesty i didnt use the program long enough or read the read me docs
thoroughly to determine if it is possible to manipulate the interface to
get it to work exactly as i would have liked so ur experience may differ
from mine.

(3) i have my monitor set at a relatively high resolution and subjectively
speaking the remote videos appear relatively smaller than those in cornell
cu at the same monitor resolution. this makes the videos a little more
difficult to view than i would have hoped.

(4) there were some image problems when i switched video codecs/input
sources. when i switched either the video codec or the input source the
resulting image in the local video window was video noise. i dont remember
if it was the input or the codec that was the problem. i think it was the
codec and specifically it was a codec that the docs mentioned would give
problems. i suspect this issue may not b a problem in the final release.
unfortunately i dont recall the details and i dont have the application on
my hard drive anymore. i may download the application again and give it
another try.

wish list for wp cu:

(1) i forgot to check if there is applescript support but if there isnt i
would appreciate applescript support. specifically if words in the chat
window could trigger a script. scripting functions id appreciate especially
r: the ability to set the preferences with applescript such as the number
of open video windows, manually or auto open windows, size of remote video
windows. it would b nice if u could also script cuseeme to send files or
images via the whiteboard (slide window) upon certain words being typed in
the chat window or certain nicks joining the reflector, the ability to
script the video input source with applescript upon certin words being
typed or nicks joining.

(2) support for text to speech in the chat window if its not available.
specifically the ability to set it to speak text that contains ur nickname
like ircle (irc application) does. that way if u r away from ur computer
and some1 types something to u it will speak what they type. i forgot to
check for this feature.

(3) mayb some time in the distant future support in the chat window for
html source code. that way if i paste source code in the chat window it
would format it as a web browser does saving me the trouble of launching my
web browser via add or icetee.

i happen to like what ms did with ms ie. i can configure it to my liking. i
can turn off most of the features i dont like and turn on those that i do.
in addition i can trash the preference panels that i dont want without
causing the browser to crash. for example in the system folder:ms
preferences panel i can trash the files there for the functions i dont
need, use or want. while this results in many small files i think this is a
good idea. if for example the casual cu user doesnt need the whiteboard
functions they can trash the whiteboad plug in etc.

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