Video no longer available

Mrs. Blinky (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 14:57:39 PST

I'm using a quickcam (v2) with the latest drvs for the Win32 ver (.92)
and for some reason I'm no longer getting any video options. The video
tab is missing from the prefs dialog and I cannot get a local window
(greyed out) It worked originally but then I ran the CU-SeeMe software
while the quickcam was disconnected and ever since I have lost video. I
tried deleting the .ini file in %windir% and then rerunning CU-SeeMe,
but it didn't fix it.

Other "quickcam aware" apps work just fine (twain source, vdophone, etc)

Anyone experience this and possibly has a fix for it?

C. Forrester

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