Re: Mac ANOMALY (bizarre! or just stupid...)

Sam Huston (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 17:03:27 -0600

Did you try going to your extentions file & viewing the extentions
according to date? That would narrow down the possibilities. If you know
when you installed the extention you should be able to pull it right out;
if you're not sure, don't trash what's pulled until you are.

Good luck!

>Downloaded and installed an extension that places the current desktop
>into the video stream. Might have had CU application, might not. Anyway,
>I forgot the name of the extension...
>Now my Apple Video ONLY shows the desktop regardless of software source
>Need to uninstall the extension, or whatever the **** it was and I can't
>find it or figure out how to dump this "feature."
>Embarassed in Spokane

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