Re: Mac ANOMALY (bizarre! or just stupid...)

Sam Huston (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 19:51:53 -0600

Long Live the Mac!!!!:-))


>>At 01:08 PM 3/28/98 -0800, Stacie Bering wrote:
>>>Downloaded and installed an extension that places the current desktop
>>>into the video stream. Might have had CU application, might not. Anyway,
>>>I forgot the name of the extension...
>>>Now my Apple Video ONLY shows the desktop regardless of software source
>>>Need to uninstall the extension, or whatever the **** it was and I can't
>>>find it or figure out how to dump this "feature."
>>>Embarassed in Spokane
>>Ahhh......for once I get to needle a Mac user and say "you wouldn't be in
>>this fix with Windows" (might be in a lot of other fixes, but not this one
>>anyway) :)
>>It's been a while since I've played on a Mac, and you didn't indicate what
>>Mac OS you were using, but I believe there is a system setting application
>>that should show you what drivers/applications you have installed. If you
>>can't find the extension that way and remove it, you're best bet will
>>probably be to uninstall all the software relating to your video card, and
>>then reinstall. If that doesn't work, try snooping around in your settings
>>for applications that start-up when you boot your system.
>>If all else fails, you may have to install the OS again. If that comes to
>>pass, I hope for your sake it is less traumatic to do that on a Mac than on
>>a Windows 95 platform.
>>Good luck,
>>Jon Brumbach
>This is almost certainly the extension called DesktopVDIG (that was a
>surprise wasn't it :-)
>Fortunately you are using a Mac so the extensions have obvious names
>(unlike windows) and you are unlikely to need to reinstall your OS (unlike
>windows). (Not that I'm getting at Windows you understand :-) Just drag it
>out of the extension folder and restart. If you can't select another Vdig
>from within CU this begs the question if you have any others installed?
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