oak Tech tv card

Reg Lane (reg@baubles.demon.co.uk)
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 19:00:57 +0100

Hi list

I have just got a Oak Spitfire AV+ mulitmedia graphics board to use with
my video cam on Cu-seeme, I have use Cu-Seeme for 12 months using a
quick cam (with no probs) and have just move up to use my home video as
the ones I have seen are very good.

I installed card and set up the cam all seems to work ok but when i
launch Cu-Seeme ver 2.1.2 I get an error message:

the video device can not capture 120 x 160 images you will not be able
to captuer or send video.

I have got the up-dates from Oak Tech web page but still wont work

any one got any ideas................

my system IBM clone 64mb ram 1gig HD Oak Spitfire Graphics card
36.600 modem Panosonic MS90 SVHS(C)

(the tv card and video work ok except for cu-seeme)
many thanks in anticipaton
Reg Lane

e-mail reg@baubles.demon.co.uk