Cornell CU sees camera icon, not video!?

Barry Thistlethwaite (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 21:12:08 -0600

I'm trying to get a friend into CU-SeeMe. Using ICQ chat, I got him to
download, unzip & install the current version (today) on his Win '95
system. We direct-linked, so we could see each other's handles in the
Participants lists. But he couldn't see any video from me. Just a picture
of a camera, he says. He doesn't have a camera, but he'll get one if this
I'm a CU-SeeMe newbie, too, and I couldn't get him through the
troubleshooting process. I'm on a Mac, and not familiar with the Win'95
version*. And I'm not too dang sure _I_ wasn't the one screwing up, 'though
I haven't had any trouble using reflectors. This was my first attempt at
direct connecting.
Any suggestions as to what we might be doing wrong?
Please email me as well as post:

* And, like most Mac users, I'm used to things just working right when you
install them ;'>
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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