Re: Cornell CU sees camera icon, not video!?

Sam Huston (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 08:08:38 -0600

Hi Barry,

Get your friend's IP address (by the way, it changes every time you get on
the internet). Quit the ICQ chat & launch CU-SeeMe (GeekTalk is better than
the ICQ chat any way - I wish ICQ would make a better version for Macs).
Launch CU-SeeMe & go to "conference" in the top menu & "connect" in the
submenu and put his IP address in the "IP Address" box. Make sure he has
launched CU-SeeMe also.

I have a Mac & my brother has Windows 95. He went out & bought a Video
capture card & camera after the first time we conferenced. My audio goes to
him very well, but he can't figure out why he can't get his audio volume to
go higher. If the two of you can send & receive audio, let me know!:)

Good Luck!

> I'm trying to get a friend into CU-SeeMe. Using ICQ chat, I got him to
>download, unzip & install the current version (today) on his Win '95
>system. We direct-linked, so we could see each other's handles in the
>Participants lists. But he couldn't see any video from me. Just a picture
>of a camera, he says. He doesn't have a camera, but he'll get one if this
> I'm a CU-SeeMe newbie, too, and I couldn't get him through the
>troubleshooting process. I'm on a Mac, and not familiar with the Win'95
>version*. And I'm not too dang sure _I_ wasn't the one screwing up, 'though
>I haven't had any trouble using reflectors. This was my first attempt at
>direct connecting.
> Any suggestions as to what we might be doing wrong?
> Please email me as well as post:
> Thanks,
> --Barry
>* And, like most Mac users, I'm used to things just working right when you
>install them ;'>
> Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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