Re: Cornell CU sees camera icon, not video!?

Jason Williams (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 13:11:58 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Barry Thistlethwaite wrote:
> As far as linking, we linked just fine. I gave him my IP address, and he
> linked to me via CU-SeeMe, which was running on my Mac. I could see his
> name in my participants list as a lurker (since he doesn't have a camera).
> He could see my name, but only a picture of a camera by it. No video.
> That's the problem, he doesn't get my video.

You failed to mention which versions of CU both of you are using. I'm not
sure about the Mac versions, but I know on the PC Cornell version, you
don't have the choice whether or not to send or not sent when someone
connects to you. Since he doesn't have a camera, I'd suggest you trying
to call him and making sure your "Send Video" option is checked.

If he is using the Cornell 0.92b2 version, the participants list
has a "camera icon" on it. If you show up in his "Hidden" section of the
participants list, he just needs to double click on your name and it will
pop up. If he is using the Enhanced CU 3.1 version, clicking once on the
name should bring it up.

> Both of our Transmitting and Receiving rates are 0 kbps.

That's the nice thing about CU...If there is no one seeing your vid, you
won't waste bandwidth and send anything. That just means he doesn't have
your vid open.

> Maybe I'm
> not sending him anything. If not, how do I turn on send video? I send it ok
> to the Reflectors I've logged into.

Assuming you're connecting and sending (I believe there's option on the
Mac version for Send Video). The only way to "turn on sending" is for
your friend to open your vid. If you show up in his "Lurkers" section of
the participant list though, it means you aren't sending and he CAN'T turn
on your vid. It sounds like to me he just hasn't clicked on your
name...He can also use the "Show all" feature to show your vid.

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