ERef v1.07b9

Brian Godette (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 13:39:28 -0700

I've released a new version of Enhanced Reflector today. It's available for
AIX, BSDi, Linux x86, Linux Sparc, OSF/1 (Dec Alpha), and SunOS. MkLinux
and OS/2 bins will be made available shortly.

Added features of 1.07b9:

Fixes WP B&W video non-refresh problem for non-WP 3.* clients.
Fixes WP 3.* private chat oversight to clients that don't support private
chat internally. Places <privately> on all private chat packets if the
destination doesn't report that it handles private chat internally.
NO-GEEK/CONF-NO-GEEK option to disable private chat (GeekTalk) reflector
wide or per conference.
NO-AUDIO/CONF-NO-AUDIO option to disable audio reflector wide or per
Writes all rejected (bad) packets to a file named debug.dat, which can
viewed with readdmp. Readdmp is also used to view the packet captures
Strips version information from OC packets after if both the sending and
receiving clients have been connected for more than 60 seconds. This
reduces conference overhead by another 30-40% compared to 1.07b7.
Preliminary support for EGeek32 enhanced features.
Preliminary support for REF-NAT.
Preliminary support for clients/reflectors with source ports other than

Bugs fixed from 1.07b7 to 1.07b9:

Heaps! Too many to mention, most involving WP 3.1 client