HELP oak spitfire TV card AV+

Reg Lane (
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 11:33:58 +0100


I "am trying to use" an Oak Spitfire TV card + video cam with Cu-seeme
and have not much success.
I have got Iphone 4.5 working fine and the video capture is fine also.

When I try Cuseeme ver 2.1.2 I get a lines over the screen as if the
Vertical hold needs adjusting.

when I use Cu-seeme ver 3.1 on my other hard drive I get a static vid
in the full screen with 1/4 of my own vid moving as it should.

I would "appreciate" any help at all even if its to say throw it in the
bin and stay using IPhone 4.5

"yours in desperation"

(my system IBM clone P233 138mb Ram 8.6gig HD oak spitfire AV+ graphics
TV card win95)

Reg Lane

Cardiff South Wales UK