Re: NY Times

Jeremy (
Mon, 01 May 1995 11:02:24 -0700

>CU-SeeMe was mentioned in the NY Times today in the style section article
>about on line cafes. Apparently this place called @cafe (12th St. Marks
>Place) has the software as part of their internet setup.

Yes, I have encountered them once or twice on They seem to
have a rather fast connection. Its fun to see the stuff in the background.
Ofcourse, the other people who were connected were making fun of them and
being rather obscene. As a lurker I dont notice this too much, which makes
me happy. I'm glad to see that most everyone who has been connected have
been at least civil, and not too rude. Infact most people are rather polite
and happy. I'm anxious to get my vid card and a vid feed! I'm sick of
seeing other internet sources (irc, newsgroups, etc) getting ruined by
idiots who have no sense of decency!
Lets hope CUSEEME doesn't get tainted!
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