Re: Hmm..problems with Diamond Videostar PRO

Michael Comet (
Mon, 01 May 1995 14:41:22 -0400

>It sounds similar to the problems I have when my Creative Labs RT300 board
>is in the machine. The machine does not lock up but it appears to lock up.
>Some how it is majorly slowing down the processes on the computer and then
>garbage lines appear in the local video box.


Patience (and guessing!). It now works with my Diamond video
star pro!

I had to A] Wait long enough for it to start....I have no patience
I guess...

Once cuseeme started, I did get grey garbage....however
going to File|Video Format I saw I was cpaturing in 16 bit
color , and when I changed it to 8 bit paletized, I got my nice
grayscale image of me!

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