CU Audio Questions.

Steve Meloan (
Mon, 1 May 1995 16:27:26 -0700

I've just recently begun using CU-SeeMe, and have a few questions which
I don't see adequately answered anywhere.

1. Is it possible to send audio to others who are connected to a given
reflector, even if one does not have a camera? If so, how?

2. In a related sense, what are the definitions of the various chaeck boxes
in the audio window? Does "Push To Talk" transmit to everyone, including
Lurkers? What is the significance of the "Send" "Rcv" and "Lurkers"
boxes in the audio window?

3. I've heard mention of a VU meter as part of the audio. Where is it?

4. What is the usage of the Mic icon on each individual persons window.
Can I talk to them separately, as opposed to using the audio window?
Also, can this be done if I am not using a camera? How?

5. Lastly, what about typing text? Again, can this be done without a camera?
In other words, can I send text to someone even though I do not have a camera?