CU-SeeMe Usenet Group

Edgar Y. Choueiri (q3482@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Mon, 1 May 1995 20:03:18 -0400

What about a CU-SeeMe Usenet Group?
The mailing list is becoming unwieldy (at least from an average recipient
point of view) with more than 20 messages/day! Think of the bandwidth and
storage savings a Usenet group alternative might provide. There will also
be no need to subscribe/unsubscribe.

Has anybody at Cornell thought of setting up a Usenet group for CU-SeeMe?
Any volunteers for setting up a "comp.videoconf.cuseeme" group?

Edgar Y. Choueiri
Electric Propulsion
& Plasma Dynamics Lab (EPPDyL)
Princeton University
Princeton NJ 08544, USA