Repost: Cuseeme question (help)

Jerry Gizelar (
Mon, 1 May 1995 17:36:27 -0700

I didn't know if my first message got through, so I'm posting again
(been having problems getting on listserv).

I just got cu-seeme for windows, and need a little help in getting
setup up and running. I get to the part where you enter the address,
say, or one of the default addresses, and it says
connecting, and then says no response. I have yet to connect to a
site, and I have tried about 12 places without no luck. I have receive
video only (no camera here) and I have a 14.4 modem connection. I
would appreciate any help, and some lists of RUNNING (or something that
works) sites that you go to often. I very anxious to see what this
looks like, and would appreciate a quick response. Thanks

, Brian