Re: CU-SeeMe Mac under MachTen

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Tue, 2 May 95 09:31:26 EDT

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> Subject: CU-SeeMe Mac under MachTen
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> I have a Mac Performa 636 CD 8/1000, System 7.1.2P, on which I run
> MachTen 2.1.1 (Unix for the Macintosh). When I try to run
> CU-SeeMe.68k0.80b2, I get the error "Error -23015 during `Can't Open
> MacTCP`" I can run other MacTCP apps (Maven, Netscape, Eudora,
> Anarchie, etc) just fine under MachTen.
> Note that MachTen does replace "MacTCP" with it's own "mactcpd"
> stack, but it's almost impossible to tell the two apart. CU-SeeMe does
> seem to have a problem with it, however

On Pge 4-12 of the MachTen System and Network Administration Manual:

"Mactcpd has limited UDP support and does not function with UDP intensive
applications. In particular, it does not support applications that make
use of MacTCP UDP multiport commands."

CU-SeeMe is a UDP intensive application.

Rob Lake
Environmental Modeling Inc.