doc. attachments

David B. Maring (
Tue, 2 May 1995 11:30:34 -0500

Though I do appreciate the effort of some people to distribute applications
or other documents in the form of attachments to messages, I question
whether this practice has place on this mail list. Many people, myself
included, are thrilled to benefit from this distribution, but I am sure
there are others who view it as a waste of bandwidth and time on this list.
Another important point needs to be made. Many people have mail accounts
on POP servers which limit the throughput of any one message (this incules
message plus attachment) to each account, as a result, a LOT of time is
wasted downloading attachments which have been chopped of, are then
corrupted, and are of no use.
Perhaps a better method of distribution would be to simply make note of
these documents on the mail list and provide and ftp address (or other
means) for those interested to acces them.

My $.02

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