Re: Re-Broadcasting video/audio legal? -- Nope!

John Carey (
Tue, 2 May 1995 09:24:04

Hi all,

You do not have the right to copy or rebroadcast a television transmission
without the expressed permission of the copyright holder. The question of
monetary gain or claim of authorship (piracy) are separate and only
tangentially related issues.

John (

>>...I don't have
>>a problem with CU-SeeMe rebroadcasting, as long as I 1) don't receive any
>>monetary gains, and 2) Don't claim ownership of originality or authorship
>>of broadcast.
>>What do you think?
>I think you probably have it right, as long as you're not generating income
>(not selling, not using the it to draw /entertain customers (like a bar,
>etc.) I don't believe there's any real problem, in fact with "open"
>reflectors, you're probably providing some free PR/publicity.