cu-seeme v. 0.65a3
Tue, 2 May 1995 15:46:54 -0400

you wrote
>Date: 01 May 95 11:55:38 EDT
>Subject: Captivator Pro
>Message-ID: <10974B310101367C@-SMF->
>Any advice on the following would be appreciated.:
> 486DX 2 50MHz 16MEG RAM
> Videologic 928Movie Graphics card 4MEG RAM
> " CaptivatorPro capture card PAL/NTSC/SECAM
> Panasonic F15 pal VIDEO CAMERA (PAL)
> MS Windows 3.1
> 928Movie s/w v.1.1.1
> Video for Windows v 1.0
> Captivator s/w v.1.0
> CU-SeeMe v. 0.65a3
> Configured for 160*120, 8bit paletised
> all seems well and transmission proceeds
> but Cusm local and transmitted windows only display
> diagonal stripes, just like when 'preview' mode
> is chosen as opposed to 'overlay' mode in
> Vidcap (VFW).
>At least one person is using cusm successfully with a Captivator (not
>Pro) card.
> thanks,
> Chuck.

My version of cu-seeme for windows is 34b5 in your mail you said you use
cu-seme v. 0.65a3.
Is that version available?
How can I get that version?

I had the same problem with my win/tv celebrity capture board Try to map out
the memory address
of your capture card thats how I got mine to stop showing the lines. It is a
different board so it may not help.