Melting the Internet?

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 2 May 1995 15:00:41 -0700

Regarding Borre's recent message about keeping CU-SeeMe obscure by avoiding
USENET newsgroups on the subject:

In general, I don't believe that hiding information is the way to go. We
should strive to educate and encourage responsible use of the medium,
rather than hope people don't find out about CU-SeeMe. Given the media
attention and the posts I see in a variety of newsgroups, the "head in the
sand" model seems not to be working.

I'm very sympathetic about the congestion of the lines between Europe and
the USA; our Australian collegues have been saying the same thing for a
while (and getting their usage metered).

The bandwidth problem is being addressed at all levels. The following is
taken from the Networld+Interop 94 (Tokyo 27-29 July 1994) keynote address
"The Present and the Future of the Internet: Five Faces", by
Anthony-Michael Rutkowski, Executive Director, Internet Society. (See

...A few weeks ago, in reviewing the "metrics" of the Internet at the
Internet Society, we found that all measures of the network and its use
continued to scale inexorably: ever more connected countries, gateways,
networks, hosts, users, services and traffic. A network analyst recently
noted that if one of those services - the World Wide Web - continues its
traffic increase at present rates, it will exceed the world's digitized
voice traffic in three years. We are now watching a global internetworking
revolution scale in near real-time. Every thirty minutes, another network

It's not just us.

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