CU-SeeMe book - request for your input

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 2 May 1995 15:14:25 -0700

Well, it's official. I signed the contract and am now officially in
research mode. Following this note is the proposed table of contents.
Please let me know anything and everything you find interesting about
CU-SeeMe that I don't already have at the web site.

Of special interest is (1) the psych of videoconf and (2) how people use

I've gotten some great email in the past few weeks, including some great
pointers to germane information. This is your chance to get things into
the book. What should new users know? What examples of usage are
educational to others? How do we teach people to responsibly use the

Communally yours :-) Michael


Introduction to Internet Videoconferencing and CU-SeeMe
What is Internet Videoconferencing?
Why CU-SeeMe?
What I expect of you
How to use this book
The Psychology of Internet Videoconferencing
How Others are Using Internet Videoconferencing
Typical CU-SeeMe Usage Scenarios
Reflector (2-way)
NASA Select TV (1-way)
Point-to-Point (2-way, "private")
Overview of the Operating Environment (brief, with pointers)
The Internet
Hardware required
Software Required
Hardware (in depth)
Connectivity Hardware
Ethernets, T-1, T-3, Frame Relay
Routers That Support Multicast and RSVP, etc.
Video Hardware
Dedicated Digital Video Cameras
Connectix QuickCam (Mac and PC)
Using Regular Video Cameras
The Need for Digital-to-Analog Boards
Macintosh Plug-In Boards
VideoSpigot (now discontinued)
PC Plug-in Boards
NTSC versus PAL versus SECAM
Audio Hardware
PlainTalk microphones
Jabra's EarPhone Streamline
Software (in depth)
MacTCP, OpenTransport
WinSock, Twinsock, TIA
CU-SeeMe User's Guide (in depth)
Setting Up CU-SeeMe
Operating CU-SeeMe
CU-SeeMe Netiquette
CU-SeeMe Resources on the Internet
Listing of CU-SeeMe Reflectors World-Wide
Web Pages
Mailing Lists
Searchable Archive of Mailing List
Listing of Events
Reflectors around the world
Reflector Operator's Guide (somewhat in depth)
The Care and Feeding of Reflectors (to be expanded)
Interoperability with Maven, NV, MBONE, VAT
The Psychology of Videoconferencing (and how it might break down
The Pioneers of Internet Videoconferencing
History of Networked Video Technologies
CU-SeeMe Rogues Gallery
Net Queen
History of CU-SeeMe
Educational Uses
Texas Environmental Research
The K-12 Global Schoolhouse Network
Artistic Uses of the Medium
Eduardo Kac
Solo exhibition Dialogues
Ornitorrinco in Eden, realized on the Internet
Storms - Hypertext based on the sefirotic tree of the Kabbalah.
Accident - Language is born and dies in this looped video
Insect.Desperto - Verbal fireflies vanish between Portuguese and English.
Aspects of the Aesthetics of Telecommunications
Chronology and bibliography on Brazilian technological art
Machine Screw
The SF Group (name???)
Commercial Uses of the Medium
NHK Japanese TV (launch of HDTV 6 mins live CU-SeeMe)
What the Future Holds in Store
Replacement for the phone system?
Exhibitionism and Voyeurism
Other Videoconferencing Software
Other Videoconferencing Standards
QuickTime Conferencing
Whiteboard workgroup collaboration software
X Window System Plug-In Boards
Appendix: Troubleshooting Q&A

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