Re: Melting the Internet?

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 2 May 1995 23:59:04 -0700

At 16:10 5/2/95, Per Gregers Bilse wrote:
>On May 2, 15:00, Michael Sattler <> wrote:
>> I'm very sympathetic about the congestion of the lines between Europe and
>> the USA; our Australian collegues have been saying the same thing for a
>> while (and getting their usage metered).
>> The bandwidth problem is being addressed at all levels. The following is
>I don't understand what you mean by this. It's completely irrelevant
>what Rutkowski said -- there is not an army of friendly Telcos lined
>up with cheap bandwidth, just because a number of people think that
>would be nice.

Hmmm, there sure is in my neck of the woods. Access keeps on getting
cheaper and cheaper, restrictions keep on getting lifted. If businesses
plan on making a buck by putting billboards on the information superhighway
they'll have to make room for them. That's what Rutkowski was saying, I

>Just tonight we upgraded to 4Mbit transatlantic bandwidth. This
>costs on the order of USD 100'000 per month -- or well over USD 2 per
>minute -- in Telco charges alone; not least because there's many
>thousand miles of undersea cable in between. Half a dozen careless
>CU-SeeMe'ers can fill it up. Wanna bet what they say if we send them
>the bill?

I don't understand this haughty attitude. We *do* pay the bills. I pay
every month. Sure, I pay less than my Australian counterparts, and I'm
guessing I pay less than you do, but I pay. I pay US$12.50/month for
unrestricted 28.8 kbps access, and US$200/month for unrestricted 128 kbps

>As has been said before, "The Internet isn't free, it just looks like
>that because somebody else is paying". What is it that makes people
>believe that an N kbit Internet connection allows them to use N kbit
>on a continuous basis?

I'm guessing they believe this because they haven't been educated; because
there are folks out there who believe that hiding information from them is
better than inundating the masses with examples of responsible bandwidth

>Where do they get the idea that raw bandwidth
>(which is what AV applications need) is cheaper on the Internet than
>if they go buy it themselves from the Telcos?

I don't see the difference; I buy bandwidth at the free-market price. It
sounds like you're not distributing your costs across your users. I must
admit I don't understand how things are done "over there". Pray educate

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