Re: List of reflectors

Chuck Elliot (
Wed, 03 May 1995 10:37:06 -0400

I am using PC Eudora and the attachments (BinHex or MIME) are handled
automatically. I had no problem with Arvell's HTML file and loaded it straight
into Netscape - and a nice bit of information it is too!


>On Tue, 2 May 1995, Michael Sattler wrote:
>> Query for you Windoze folks: what apps do you use for BinHexing things?
>Using the following as an example,
>- From: arvell hairston <>
>- To:
>- Subject: video options
>- Load this htm into your nescape or mosaic directories and view the many
>- video conferencing programs available. Sorry for all the confusion but
>- stuff is worth the trouble. Let me know if you recieved the file and
>- able to view and hook with it>
>- Arvell
>- [Part 2, Application/MAC-BINHEX40 67KB]
>- [Can not display this part. Use the "V" command to save in a file]
>from my usual mailreader (pine) the option would be save to a file on
>the Unix server, download to PC, hope that the browser can read it.
>Instead, and this may be a tip others can use, I forwarded the message
>to myself, using pine, thus letting Eudora see it as a new mail message
>and, sure enough, this v1.4 decoded and wrote "products.htm" to the
>previously specified directory. This list of video resources by
>Arvell is terrific, but I can't agree with the distribution method.
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