Re: no such thing as a "US news group"

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Wed, 03 May 1995 13:25:36

I am no expert on the news system, maybe because it is hard to follow if not
all the articles are available. I've spent a few minutes browsing to come up
with some specifics and there were less problems than I have experienced
previously, but here goes:

If I search at the University of Oxford using, I can see a group
comp.protocols.kermit, but my news server informs me "Error 411 No sutch
My news server finds and lists an article
News:4157cb$, but if I request this article I
receive "Error - No sutch article".

Most of the web servers which search Usernet News for keywords, give a
warning that "not all the articles found may be accessable from your site."
So I have just assumed that Usernet is more of a witches brew than most of
the Internet.