RE: CU-SeeMe Usenet Group

Husk.David (husk@NIEHS.NIH.GOV)
Wed, 03 May 1995 09:01:57 -0400

It would appear that the time has come for a CU-SeeMe news group. All that
would be required is that the output of the list be forwarded to a News
This would use more bandwidth, but would satisfy most people. As for keeping
the information "quiet": one could ask the question if there is anyone in
the world that hasn't heard about CuSeeMe?


From: on Wed, May 3, 1995 7:01 AM
Subject: RE: CU-SeeMe Usenet Group

>What about a CU-SeeMe Usenet Group?
>The mailing list is becoming unwieldy (at least from an average recipient
>point of view) with more than 20 messages/day! Think of the bandwidth and
>storage savings a Usenet group alternative might provide. There will also
>be no need to subscribe/unsubscribe.
>Has anybody at Cornell thought of setting up a Usenet group for CU-SeeMe?
>Any volunteers for setting up a "comp.videoconf.cuseeme" group?

Not that old chestnut again! I for one would be against the abolition of
the mailing list. << with more than 20 messages/day!>> big deal, you try
the MacHTTP list. Not every cuseemer who has email has access to Usenet.


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