Project BillVision: Announcement & mirrors needed!!!

John S. Erickson (John.S.Erickson@Dartmouth.EDU)
03 May 95 11:58:26 EDT


On Sunday, 11 June President Bill Clinton will be delivering the commencement
address at Dartmouth's graduation. This is to announce "Project BillVision", an
effort by students at the Thayer School of Engineering and the staff of the
Kiewit Computation Center to carry that address LIVE on the 'Net using

In order to provide better service Net-wide, we are soliciting volunteer
reflector operators to connect as *mirrors* to the Dartmouth reflector. Your
only commitment will be to be involved in a system checkout (date & time TBD)
during the week before 11 June and, of course, to have your reflector properly
configured on the morning of the 11th. We will maintain a list of mirror sites
on the project Home Page (URL given below...)

For more information, contact me directly and check out the Project BillVision
Home Page:

Have a GREAT one!

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