Re: Problem with CU-SeeMe for Windows (W0.34b4)

Jerry Gizelar (
Wed, 3 May 1995 14:44:53 -0700

You wrote:
><I'm new to this system, so let me apologize in advance if this is the
>forum for addressing this kind of problem. But, if you can help (or
point me
>in a direction) I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.>
>On 4/2, I successfully FTP'ed CU-SeeMe for Windows (W0.34b4) to my PC
>I unzipped the file ok, launched CU SeeME ok, but when I tried to CU
>connect to sites in the pull down list, I always get the message " no
>response from ... ". I entered my own IP address as a CU SeeMe
>(just to see if I could get any kind of a response) and I saw the
>user name Tom Servo with the [x] lurker designation appear.
>I was hoping you might give me some help. My limited goal now is just
>verify that I can indeed receive video with the software I installed.
>don't have the hardware to send video yet.
>If you are not the correct contact for this kind of problem, please
let me
>know or forward my request to someone who might help. Thanks in
> - I unzipped the file ok.
> - I already had msvideo.dll (124,416 11-19-93 8:00am) in my windows
>directory, so I renamed the unzipped msvideo.dll to cuvideo.dll
> - I ran cuseeme.exe from windows and it lauched ok.
> - I tried to connect to ( assuming that if
I went
>to a public reflector I might be able to receive some video to verify
that I
>had installed the software ok. All I got was "no response from ...".
>I'm using Netmanage Chameleon v4.5 and
>I checked my TCP/IP connectivity by pinging and the ping
>and during the same session
>I used Netscape to successfully attach to the CU SeeMe World Wide Web
>There I found a list of other public reflector sites.
>I tried to CU SeeMe connect to Hawaii U ( and got the
>"no response from ..." message, although ping was successful.
>I also tried to CU SeeMe connect to SPRINTLINK ( and got
>same "no response from ..." message, although ping was successful.
>As a "try something" attempt, I tried to CU SeeMe connect to my own
>address and I saw the default username Tom Servo and the [x] lurker
>designation appear.
>I read your readme files and the unzipped *.txt files but I couldn't
>any hints there I could use.
>I used the Chameleon Custom (NEWT) icon to verify that my PC had a
>and it does <mjasiewi>.
>Hope you can give me some hints on how to verify that I've installed
>software correctly and that I can receive video.
I've been having the same problem you have been experiencing. I'll
type in the site, wait, and then it gives me a message saying "no
response" from the site I tried. I did some reseach, and asked some
questions, and I found out that my problem is probably a firewall in my
server that prevents me from getting the signals (UDP packets if I'm
not mistaken) from the site. I have a SLIP connection, and that might
also be a part of the problem. I've heard that it won't work with that
type of connection. I just got wintalk from, but I haven't
been able to try that out yet because I don't know any addresses that I
can connect to, but wintalk works similarly to cu-seeme, except wintalk
is just chat. Well, hope you get it working. I have had no luck so
far with my problem, so I've just given up and accepted the fact that I
can't do it from this server (through Netcom's Netcruiser)

, Brian