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Joe Taibi (jtaibi@solar.sky.net)
Wed, 03 May 95 22:02:35 EDT

I'm curious. I've seen this reference to an inability to handle both
video and audio using cu-seeme and a 28.8 modem wiith a pc on nuerous
I manage to use it on a pc with a 28.8 modem in conjunction with
iphone for audio all the time and while the video portion is
understandably jerky ( we're talking about 1fps ) the audio is not at
all degraded. Is it the fact that a seperate server is utilized for
the audio that makes this possible whereas in the case of using the
one cu-seeme program to do both it could not handle it? And yes we're
set at about 15/5 also which is probably not at all tolerable to those
who have high speed connections ( i.e. non dial-up ) but which I am
very pleased with considering dial-up is the ONLY option I and many
others have.

Many seem to be implying that cu-seeme is useless if you're using a

>>Sure, if both parties reduce their send rates to around 15/5. No audio,
>>of course.

On Wed, 3 May 1995, Tom Prugh wrote:

> Will a 486 33 mhz PC be able to handle CU-SEEME using a 28.8 modem?
> Thanks.
> Tom P.

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