Re: Melting the Internet?

Andrew Lih (
Thu, 04 May 1995 11:50:52 -0400

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> One issue that I haven't seen addressed in the TCP vs. UDP debate
> is the effect on those of us behind firewalls. It seems pretty
> clear that all (most?) firewalls will not pass UDP packets. It
> would seem that a significant portion of the potential CUSM user
> base is in the corporate world which is increasingly hiding behind
> firewalls.
> Day by day your potential users will be dissapearing if
> UDP is continued. How is this problem going to be solved?

Have you heard of UDP Relay? It's the moral equivalent of the proxy
server SOCKS, for UDP.

However, UDP itself isn't the reason why corporate security folks
should be scared of CU SeeMe. How much do you want to bet that the
white-board you have on the wall behind you has either proprietary
information on it, a product development time-line, a user
login/password, etc. That makes for a nice background when you're
conferencing with people.

Security people have enough qualms about letting pepole ftp out of the
the corporation. One can't imagine them being happy about a camera in
everyone's office sending video all over the world.


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