Re: Melting the Internet?

Andrew Lih (
Fri, 05 May 1995 14:43:03 -0400

In message <>, Harry Mendell writes:
> The point is that SOCKS is in use almost everywhere in corporate environment
> and UDP relay is not. It is a hard sell for security to study and install UDP
> relay, and very easy for a user to simply download a CU-SeeMe TCP based
> program, if TCP were used.

For a more practical reason, it's not a great idea (audit-wise) to
allow UDP packets through. Unless you're logging every packet,
you don't have a good logical trace of what's going on.

> Secondly, most of us are smart enough not to write passwords on
> whiteboards, or for that matter to aim the camera in that direction.

"Most of us are smart enough" is something a good security-wizard
would never EVER say. :) Seriously though... in environments like
AT&T, IBM, RBOCs, security firms, etc. guests need to be signed in and
occasionally sign NDAs. A video peek into a room by Joe Random is a
serious security threat.


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