Re: Use of Mac Slide Window feature

Larry Helseth (
Sat, 6 May 1995 05:42:54 -0700

>, and have figured out how to capture a close-up
>> using QuickCam and use the mouse to point to areas of interest (usually I
Here's what I've figured out about Slide Window:
To capture & send an image, I open Slide Window, click on Local, then New
at which point you see an enlarged image of whatever your camera's pointing
at. (The image is MUCH more detailed than even a High Resolution
transmitted image.) When you're satisfied with what you're seeing, click
GRAB and the image will be captured. At that point, IF your CU-partner has
THEIR Slide Window open, you press Send and the image will be transmitted
into THEIR Slide Window (they will have to press the NEXT button to view if
they've already seen something). Transmission takes about a half minute on
our reflector. Once complete, the Sender can use their mouse to point to
things; wherever you CLICK the recipient(s?) will see an arrow head (it
STAYS there until you reposition it by clicking somewhere else). THEY can't
reposition the mouse on YOUR image unless they send an image to you, at
least we haven't figured out how to do it.
What I'd REALLY like would be to be able to paste/post something you're
working with on your computer, like a graph or picture. THAT would be
excellent! I'm sharing what WE'VE learned with the hope that someone out
there (hint, hint-DEVELOPERS, if you're listening, PLEASE!) will share with
me how to do what I've described (OR WHETHER IT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN A
FORTHCOMING RELEASE). Also, has anyone heard about development of a Slide
Window for PC users??? Slide and the Talk module really add power to
CU-SeeMe, especially with multiple users! THANKS,
-Larry Helseth
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