FYI - VideoLogic Captivator Board

07-May-1995 1811 -0400 (
Sun, 7 May 95 18:27:01 EDT

Thought I'd let the PC community know that I just received
VideoLogic's Captivator board (their older board, not the Pro/TV
board), and it worked with CU-SeeMe right out of the box, no
adjustments necessary, on my Packard Bell Legend 2000 PC.

I'll also be trying this board on Digital 466DX2 LX and 450DX2 LP PC's,
and will report those results as well.

For anyone interested, I purchased the Captivator package directly
from VideoLogic, rather than Tiger software, as Tiger did not have
the package in stock when I called ~ a week ago. Looks like the same
package (the board, drivers, their VideoSnap Windows software, Microsoft
Video For Windows 1.1, and Microsofts video clip CD) and price ($99.00)
Tiger was offering, and they do have them in stock :-). VideoLogic's
800 number is 800-578-5644. They can ship to you next day through UPS Red
at an extra $ 10 dollars per package, and you can pay for it COD for an
extra $ 5 for the entire order.


John Faherty

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