Re: Melting the Internet?

Michael Sattler (
Sun, 7 May 1995 15:18:08 -0700

You said to me:

>[10 K of religious discussion elided]
>> ...the only way we are going to see increases in bandwidth
>> capacity is if we use what's there....
>There's a fair amount of truth in this but it doesn't solve
>anything. Prices may come down as much as they want, long-haul
>international bandwidth will always be much more expensive than local
>bandwidth. So if people who develop applications base their design
>on the cost of local bandwidth, we're back to square one. And this
>is not in the interest of the global Internet.

You ain't seen nothing yet! The US cable television consortium are now
discussing dropping megabit fiber all across the USA for about US$20/month
in the next couple of years. That's right - I said megabit. To every
household. It makes ISDN nothing more than a footnote (and given the
success telcos are having with deploying ISDN perhaps not even a footnote).

I must reiterate that I feel the entire "problem", such as it is, depends
upon a great difference in local (US) and international capacities. How
will Per and our Australian counterparts feel when they're doing local 128
kbps and international 4 mbps and every yutz in the USA is using everything
from a true Internet connection to a shell like America On-Line at several

Increasing local and international bandwidth is *the* issue I'd focus on,
were I paid by someone to deal with these issues. It may be that the rest
of Earth is fated to follow in the wake of our now-trendy get-on-the-net
fever that's gripped commercial interests large and small. If so, we'll
have this argument again and again over the next year or so - and it'll be
a discussion between the haves and the have-nots.

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