Re: FYI - VideoLogic Captivator Board

Glenn Azlin (
Mon, 8 May 1995 16:51:44 +1000

>Thought I'd let the PC community know that I just received
>VideoLogic's Captivator board (their older board, not the Pro/TV
>board), and it worked with CU-SeeMe right out of the box, no
>adjustments necessary, on my Packard Bell Legend 2000 PC.
>I'll also be trying this board on Digital 466DX2 LX and 450DX2 LP PC's,
>and will report those results as well.
>For anyone interested, I purchased the Captivator package directly
>from VideoLogic, rather than Tiger software, as Tiger did not have
>the package in stock when I called ~ a week ago. Looks like the same
>package (the board, drivers, their VideoSnap Windows software, Microsoft
>Video For Windows 1.1, and Microsofts video clip CD) and price ($99.00)
>Tiger was offering, and they do have them in stock :-). VideoLogic's
>800 number is 800-578-5644. They can ship to you next day through UPS Red
>at an extra $ 10 dollars per package, and you can pay for it COD for an
>extra $ 5 for the entire order.

Has any-one come across a distributor in Australia also offering the same deal?


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