Re: Melting the Internet?

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 8 May 1995 09:12:26 -0700

Per Gregers Bilse <> said:

>...The issue is how to keep you
>and I connected; the Internet as we know it consists of islands (in
>practice US, Europe, Asia/Australia; give or take a lot) linked
>together by very thin pipes -- "thin" compared to national and local
>bandwidth. These pipes are thin because they are very expensive.
>They are expensive mostly because trans-oceanic cables are very

Agreed; that is the situation today.

>No amount of rhetoric will change that.

And few people used to own cars, take planes, own computers, own cellular
phones, etc. due to their scarcity/cost. Perhaps not rhetoric, but the
rush of businesses to the net will require bigger pipes, and it'll happen.
I'm betting that five years from now we'll have 100 mbps across the
Atlantic and Pacific, and we'll be having the *same* conversation because
CU-SeeMe is 24-bit color at 30 fps, with 16-bit stereo sound and some sort
of virtual reality roll/yaw/pitch commands coming across the wire to sync
two users. (Where TurboGopherVR is going now.)

The conversation never changes, only the numbers. I remember core memory,
paper-tape input and output, hollerith cards, Mac 128K machines, etc. The
bandwidth always lags behind software and hardware using it, be it RAM or
pipes across the oceans.

It's sadly your fate to be the keeper of the lagging technology.

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